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We seek out world changers and difference makers around the globe, and equip them to fulfill their unique purpose.

Anath Foundation is a Think Tank that develops sustainable, innovative programs and practices to the betterment of the human condition. Anath Foundation leads globally driven initiatives and projects in Education, Healthcare, Environment, and Governance, with a focus on impact and transformational change.

Anath Vision


Striving for adaptive Educational systems and Governance principles that are constantly addressing the needs of people.


Aiming to help institutions worldwide in strengthening their Educational programs and in achieving more effective and efficient Governance.

Even though we are in the twenty-first century, students are still facing issues with the current, outdated educational system. Anath Foundation will be a key contributor to the evolution in education. The new model of education will foster independent learning, skill development through projects, creative thinking, and personal wellness. These traits will prepare the student for life beyond the educational institution.

Old modes of governance, both public and private, are becoming increasingly ineffective. Therefore, economic, technological, and social transformations are needed, especially now in the 21st century. To adapt to these transformations, Anath foundation will work with both public and private sectors, to encourage them to reduce dependence on nonlocal resources and to enhance localization. This will create economic self sufficiency leading to independence from global supply chains.

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